Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Childbirth Class - Week 1

Last night was the first of the actual childbirth classes at the hospital, and I’m still pretty well pleased with them. Even though our instructor pointed out that it was not a Lamaze class, because the hospital was more of an “epidural hospital”, she is a Lamaze certified instructor, and is focusing on natural ways to deal with pain through breathing & positioning. She also gave a lot more information than I expected on some of the different labor interventions and a spoke a lot on why she was against unnecessary inductions, how they often led to c-sections, and how some of the “standard procedures” could actually prolong labor and make more interventions necessary. This is probably not new info to most people who’ve “done their homework”, but it’s good that there are nurses there who are explaining the cascade of interventions and discouraging inductions of convenience.

I also found out something interesting, and a little scary – my OB has never actually done a waterbirth, and the nurse midwife in his office has only done one. There is another CNM who is very experienced with them, and they said that my doctor will probably call her to assist if he needs it. At least he is supportive of it though, because most OBs here don’t “allow” labor in water or waterbirth at all. I guess being a first is good though, especially if the OB is there for the delivery, because maybe it will make it seem more “acceptable” to some of the other doctors.  I am a little worried about being a first, and am going to ask about this at my appointment to be sure they are still cool with everything [if I do need to change docs, I want to go ahead and do it soon], but am pretty sure things will be OK. I’m really only even going the OB/hospital route because this is my first, and I see it as a precaution in case there are any problems.

It’s also interesting talking with and listening to some of the others in the class. The two youngest members were both planning on inductions, but one is very scared of having a c-section. This is part of why the nurse made a point of explaining the cascade of interventions, and how inducing labor leads t o a higher chance of having a c-section. One of the young women was also asking how late the epidural could be placed, because she wants to use a birth ball and be able to walk and move around as long as possible, and knows she can’t do that once she’s had the epidural. The nurse was good about explaining all this, and encouraging everyone to move around as much as possible in labor and not just lay on your back, and even demonstrated how it could cause problems with occiput posterior delivery, and how movement would help the baby to turn.
All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with the classes. My husband is loving it, because he’s learning a lot.
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