Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Childbirth Class - Week 2

It's been a busy week. We started the dog in obedience school on Sunday, which went well [he was the only one there, so we're getting private lessons for the cost of a group class], I started trying to follow the FlyLady program again, in an attempt to get the house under control before the baby gets here, and we had the second week in our childbirth education class.

The class is still going better than I'd expected from the hospital. Even though they have about a 95% epidural rate, the nurses/teachers are doing very good at explaining the risks and limitations involved with epidurals and other interventions, and are teaching alternative ways of dealing with pain, as well as reminding everyone that once they have an epidural or pitocin shot that many of these things [walking, changing positions, etc] will no longer be allowed. Our teacher had a medication-free birth, but was given pitocin for "failure to progress", and told us that it made the contractions much more painful, but that it is still doable without medication. I like that they are upfront about the effects of the medications, but wonder what % of women who birth there actually go to the classes or pursue education on their own beforehand.

I was supposed to interview another pediatrician this morning, but she was busy at the hospital, so I'm rescheduling for next week. I just hope I can find an office that I am comfortable with , and that won't push the CDC's "early & often" vaccination schedule for my son. I'm also looking for one where the medical staff already has some patients who are uncircumcised, so I don't have to worry as much about them hurting him by retracting his foreskin. It's just strange how the "normal" practices around here seem to be so unnatural.

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  1. I delivered both of my girls un-medicated in a hospital. We went the Bradley Method route and I was really pleased with it. If you use a midwife, you generally don't have to worry about epidurals, though they aren't out of the question. Kudos to you for researching ahead of time and deciding what will work best for you; medicated or not.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :o)

    PS- found you through The Mama Dramalogues (I'm one of the writers).


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