Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Pregnant, but Nesting More than Blogging

Whoops, I definitely meant to post more than that last week, but things have been sort of crazy. We had more random snow and ice, and had a tree down because the ground was so wet, which knocked our power out for two day. We also had a dog die, and don't know why - she was only 3 years old, hadn't been sick, and and her kennel-mate was checked by the vet and was fine but is all mopey and sad and mourning now which is breaking my heart. With this plus a sinus infection and general case of the blahs, most of my computer time was spent vegetating rather than trying to be coherent enough to type out a post.

In other news, not much happening on the pregnancy front, but that's a good thing. We went to the pregnancy class at the hospital, and it was OK, but a little boring, Most of it covered interventions in depth, which was good, but not when you've already researched them on your own. Still, I'm sure it was good for those who didn't know much about them already. We also go to watch some birth videos. One was a woman who had lots of interventions, and the second was a woman who had a natural, unmedicated, birth. Both were in the hospital, but I liked the contrast between the two, and the way that the natural birth chosen was mostly positive and didn't include a lot of screaming or vocalizations that would freak most people out - the only thing that really bugged me was that the doctors still had her get on her back in lithomy position in the bed once she hit transition, instead of continuing with the movement she had going on. They also showed a cartoon type video of a c-section, but not the real thing.

I was starting to think maybe the baby had dropped, because he's feeling heavier and I'm feeling it in my hips and bones a lot more now, but he doesn't really seem low so maybe it's just a general change in positions. I saw the midwife last week and everything is good. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal, but not into the "high" range yet, so we just chalked it up to a rough week. I also met with my doula, just to go over final plans and the birth plan and all, and to check in. Everything's still good there too, although I'm finding it amusing, considering the stereotypes and impressions surrounding the two jobs, that my midwife [CNM, practicing with an OB] is more "crunchy" than my doula [DONA-certified, former L&D nurse]. This will be my doula's first birth at the hospital I'm changing to, and her first time working with this particular midwife, but she was very glad to hear that there was someone with more waterbirth experience and a more natural birth friendly hospital nearby, so maybe that will help some of her future clients who are looking for these things.

I've also had this crazy nesting instinct going on, which has kept me away from the blog. On the days I've had a good amount of energy, I've gotten a lot done. I am on FlyLady, and she's started her "Declutter Olympics" this week, so I've been participating in that on top of the whole last minute getting the house & nursery ready things. I totally stripped out the nursery, shampooed the carpets, and scrubbed the walls & floors to get rid of any smoke or other residue, and then decided to do the same to our guest bathroom, where we are installing a new tub. I am also decluttering & rearranging the living rooms and closets, so I can move some furniture around and make better use of the space and rooms we have. In between, I'm working on my wardrobe -  I have lots of clothes, but most are old & not very flattering, so I'm getting rid of most of them and building my post-pregnancy wardrobe from the ground up, keeping it basic, but shopping for things that will make me feel good. Too much of my clothes were bought because they were "on sale" or "would fit" and that was all they had going for them - I feel like taking the time to look nice in whatever size I wear will help me to be more accepting of my own body, and show that even us fat women can look good.
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