Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still Waiting & Nesting

At 37 weeks, everything is going good. Because I had some things I needed to get done, and was wondering if the baby had "dropped" or not, I had my midwife go ahead and do a cervical check when she did the group B strep test. Everything's still high and tight, so it looks like baby's going to hang out and bake a little longer [ie, cervix is still closed and posterior, no dilation or effacement, and he hasn't dropped]. I'm still measuring a little ahead on fundal height, and he's probably going to be a big boy, but we already knew that, and my midwfie, unlike the OB, is not freaking out about it or seeing it as a reason to plan an early induction or section.

I was involved in a minor car accident this weekend [was rear-ended at a stoplight], but both the baby and I are fine, although I was told to take it easy for a few days just to be on the safe side. With that, I am officially taking a break from work, because it's to the point where it's really a little too much stress and activity to plan on showing houses right now [some days I'm fine, others I'm totally wiped out and it's hard to work with people and do walking and stair climbing with low energy and soreness]. I do plan to go back to work some as soon as I'm recovered from the birth, but hopefully I'll be doing more working with home sellers than buyers, which is easier to schedule and will involve less driving and time away from the baby during the day [I have a full home office, and can work from there as easily as from the main office, with fewer distractions].

I am still nesting like crazy too, and wanting to finish all these home projects, and I think that is spreading to my husband as well. It was driving me nuts this weekend, because I wasn't supposed to be up on my feet doing things, so I didn't get a whole lot done. He did finish installing the tub though, and I spackled and patched the walls where they got dinged, and where he had to cut to get the tub in, this morning. He's going to sand things down when he gets home, so I won't be breathing the dust, and then I'll paint the wallboard behind the surround tomorrow, to cover the bad spots and give the adhesive a good clean surface to stick to. Once that's dry, he'll put up the surround, and I can do a good deep clean and put all the stuff back where it goes, and the bathroom will be finished. He's going to replace part of the washroom floor this weekend too, but all I'll need to do there is clean behind the washer/dryer while he has them out, and clean the dryer vents [we have a kit to do this, with brushes and the vacuum to pull all the lint out]. I'm also trying to sort through clothes, so I might do more of that, and we can make another Goodwill run this weekend. I gave away a lot on Freecycle this weekend, and it's nice to have the extra room & know that stuff is going to somebody who will actually use it instead of just sitting around.


  1. So much to think about! I don't envy you being in the midst of all that DIY but I guess that's what nesting is all about!

    Good luck!

  2. The last few weeks are hectic and very tiring, but I completely understand the nesting thing:) Jen.

  3. I'd always thought nesting was sort of a myth - guess not, because I am usually not domestically inclined. I wonder if it tends to involve major renovations though, or if that's just me.

    I think it's funny that a few weeks ago I was getting to the "tired of being pregnant" point, not I'm like "stay in there a little longer, mommy has stuff to get done".

    I'm sorting through clothes, and giving most of my pre-pregnancy stuff away, so I'm wondering if I'll have time to re-do the closets [install an organizer system & maybe add a secondary closet or wardrobe to the bedroom] between the other things and the time the baby comes,

  4. omg, i remember those last weeks. my little man was LATE, and every day was like an eternity.

  5. I am glad to hear you and your baby boy are ok! Car accidents while preggo are super scary!

    Neither of my boys "dropped" until I was in labor, so don't worry about it. You know as well as anyone else, that baby will come when that little guy is ready!
    Try not to think about it too much, it will drive you crazy. I did that with my first pregnancy, and then with my second, I just didn't think about it and he came early... Plus the added stress won't do you any good.

    It is so exciting to see you coming to the end of the road though. I just turned into your blog recently, but it is one of my favs!

  6. im sorry you were rear-ended at your stage of the game!! such a shake up, even tho you are "fine"-take it easy!
    i remember the nesting! hilarious! suddenly all thoes tiny mundane jobs just MUST be done!!
    come visit my blog sometime!!
    wishing you the best


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