Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby's Already Taking After His Daddy...

One of my pet peeves with my husband is that he's always either running late, or taking until the last minute to get ready for something, which means we're both running late if we're together, while I'm one of those people who feels "late" if I don't have at least 5-15 minutes to spare. Since my "due date" is tomorrow (not even counting the 2 times the previous OB moved it ahead because I was measuring a little big), and I my cervix had not even started to open on Thursday evening at my midwife appointment, it's a good bet that baby will be "late".

It was always my understanding that a baby wasn't even really considered post-dates until they went past 42 weeks, but I guess with the prevalence of induction and scheduled c-section deliveries, most people have forgotten that. My midwife, and her backup doctor, are really cool about it - they will be seeing me twice weekly from here on out and doing a non-stress test next week, then an ultrasound to check the placenta if he's not born by next week, but there's been no pressure to induce, and they don't recommend it unless there is an actual health problem, not just a calendar problem.

Some of my friends and family on the other hand, not quite so relaxed. A lot of women I know were induced early and told they had to be, so it's really freaking some of them out that I've been "allowed" to get to 40 weeks, much less go past it with an "OMG BIG BABY" [estimating at 8 1/2 to 9 lbs right now, which isn't all that big, especially considering the size of his momma & her bone structure]. While I'm thinking it'd be cool if he was born on Wednesday [St. Patrick's Day], I'm content to just wait and let him pick whatever birthday he wants, so long as he's still healthy floating around in there. He's gonna run out of room soon anyhow. ;)


  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with the panic mindset in friends and family, and even sorrier that you're getting the "OMG BIG BABY" reaction at your estimate. #1 for me was 10 lbs even, and #2 was 9#7 at 36w5d, and that's ALL I EVER HEAR ABOUT.

    Babe will come soon enough, and will be beautiful no matter the size. Sending many positive easy labor vibes your way!

  2. The induction thing worries me. I was one week (exactly) over on my middle child and he came out at 9lbs 7oz. I am in agreement with you, once there isn't a health risk to either Mum or Baby then whats the rush? One this is sure, the Baby will come out!! Will be waiting to hear your new:) Jen.

  3. My son was 2 weeks "late" at 42 weeks ( I think because I had gone into preterm labor at 28 weeks and took brethine (sp) and my body was not going to let me go into labor) He weighed 9 pounds and was the cutest little chunk-a-lunk ever :) Best of wishes and hugs to you. It is difficult to wait, but baby will be here when ready.


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