Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming Out of the Clutter Closet

I just found out today that I'm going to be on television, and they start filming tomorrow morning!

Discovery Health has a new series called "I'm Pregnant and..." which their website says "follows the stories of women facing serious issues - emotional, physical, mental, or circumstantial - as they navigate their nine-month journey through pregnancy". The show I will be on has to do with hoarding & clutter problems.

The reason things are moving so fast is I just found out about it late last week, but I am due any time now. It's kind of funny, because a friend sent me a link to the casting post on a pregnancy web board, and then I read about it on the FlyLady website, which gave me more confidence in it. I say I'm "coming out of the closet" because I am pretty open about a lot of things, but the condition of my home has been a touchy point for a long time, and something I've mostly kept hidden. If I know you in real life, and you wonder why I've never invited you over in the past 5+ years, this would be why.

My home is not as bad as those I've seen featured on "Hoarders", or in some of the websites, shows, and magazine articles I've seen dealing with hoarding, but I do realize that the clutter is way out of hand, and if I don't get it under control I may end up being in that type of situation (one thing I never realized was that most people don't recognize they have a problem until they are much older than I am now, which means things have many more years to pile up before they ever start trying to change it). I could live with it before, and would try to declutter for a while or do a big crisis cleaning, only to "crash & burn" after a few weeks or months, but things are different now. It's not just about what I'm living in or having people over anymore; it's about making sure my son has a clean, safe environment to grow up in, and that he can have friends over to play and not feel ashamed. I am also hoping to have routines established enough to keep things clean and organized, so that he will learn that, instead of picking up cluttering and procrastination instead.

I've tried this before, and made some progress:
2007 Living Room2009 Living Room

2007 Family Room2009 Family Room

Then got burnt out & ended up back where I started:
2010 Living Room2010 Family Room

I am hoping that by doing this show, and finally getting things out in the open, I will not only get help and advice on getting and staying organized (Marla Cilley, the "FlyLady", has offered to come & to help me get things under control), but will give me the encouragement to keep things that way permanently, and will also help other people with the same problem to recognize it and seek some help, either in bringing in professional help or in looking for resources to help them fix the problem on their own, or with help from friends & family.

The other part of the show is going to be focusing on the birth itself, and on a follow-up after about a month to see how we & the baby are doing. There are good things about this, too. For one, it will be different from the typical OB-attended, medicated & monitored "standard" hospital birth shown on most television shows. I've already posted my birth plan, so there's no need to go into the details again, but I think it's great that I'll get to be part of a waterbirth, attended by a midwife & doula, and shown on TV as a normal option at a regular small-town hospital. The follow-up visit & filming will also give me an incentive to have and keep the house in order by then, and will hopefully encourage my husband to help keep the cleaning and things up while I am recovering from the birth and may not be feeling up to doing as much.


  1. Hey, do you intentionally have your blogger set up so there is no reply address on your comments? You leave me a comment like that (purply spiked hair at your debut?!) and not give me the chance to say....LMAO.

    Never did any of those things....just wasn't cool when I was a teen and I was all about cool. Would I like to have money? Hell, yeah. Would I care to belong to one of those clubs, not really.

    Re Junior League, an aquaintance has been trying to get me to join. I know they do good things in the community (I do, too) but I refuse to be "junior" anything, especially when it's a women's club.

  2. Good luck! I am excited to see how it turns out!

  3. Best of luck with it. Post up the date it will be aired so we can cheer you on (you will hear us shouting at the TV, you will!!) Jen.

  4. Wow. How exciting! They better get to it. I know about the cleaning burn-out; it happens to me too.

  5. I think I fixed the reply address, not sure though. I dunno why it wasn't on there.

    I'll let everyone know when the show airs. I'm excited about it, still a little freaked out I actually did it though (at least I do have time to clean and fix up the house before it airs, because I know I'll end up with company, lol).


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