Monday, March 1, 2010

Pregnancy = Productivity?

I'm 38 weeks now and still going. I'm getting tired more often and can tell my joints are loosening, especially in my hips & ankles, so I'm having to take things a little more slowly and cut back on walking and shopping/browsing. Still, I think it's funny just how much stuff is getting done know that I'm in the last few weeks.

My mom called yesterday to tell me this week would be a good time to have the baby, since my dad had a week off from his chemo treatments. I think she's getting nervous because my sister and I were both early, so the thought of a full-term "big" baby is a little scary to her. I told her he'd come when he was ready, and that he's doing just fine.

I'm still going overboard with the nesting stuff, but at least the house is looking good, and we're getting caught up on a lot of projects that have needed doing for a while. We put up the tub surround in the bathroom & decided to take down the paneling strips, cabinets, etc and paint the rest of the room while we were at it. Everythings down & spackled, and we have the first coat of Killz/primer on it. I'm not too happy how some spots turned out [hubby isn't as picky as I am about smoothness when spackling, and then slopped a second coat of primer on before the first dried, which left bad lines & lumpy spots], so I'm going to go re-sand a few areas and prime back over it after breakfast. It'll need at least one more coat of primer before we paint, because it's printed panelling/wallboard, with a dark design that is showing through. I'm going to try to finish the painting in the next day or two so then we can do the floor, which won't take very long, and move on to the washroom. The irony here is that the nursery/baby's room will get painted later, because we want to put down laminate flooring in there first. He'll be sleeping in our room for a while anyway, so it's not like it will matter too much though.

I'm also trying to get my car all ready for baby and in top shape before he's born. I got it checked out to make sure nothing was damaged, had a new rear bumper put on where the car that hit me dented the old one slightly, and had the front end aligned and new tires put on it. The alignment had worn out one tire, and the others were low on tread, so it rides so much better now. I'm also getting my oil changed and the 35,000 service done on Friday, so hopefully baby will hold on until after then [the dealership was backed up over a week on appointments, but I get free oil changes, which are worth the wait with a diesel]. I ordered some kick mats to protect the backs of my seats, and a mat to go under the carseat, and am still waiting on my  seatcovers to get here [I did not realize they were made to fit & take a couple weeks to ship]. Hopefully, those will baby-proof the upholstery enough for it to last and look good for a while.

I bought some more gowns and comfy nursing-friendly clothes this weekend, too, because we went into a new outlet store and they carry a lot of plus size stuff, including maternity, pretty cheap [lots of Motherhood Maternity & Lane Bryant regular for around $10 a piece].  I'm trying to hold off on shopping too much until I know what sizes I'll be wearing, but I figure the first month or so I'll be pretty close to wear I am now, and will care more about something comfortable to wear at home than what looks great for going out. Now I just need to wash everything and finish packing my hospital bag.

I'm also working on some freezer- and husband-friendly meal plans for the first week or two, when I know I'm not going to feel like cooking. My mom will be down to help some, but I don't want to impose by asking her to cook a lot either [she had gastric bypass, so it doesn't seem fair to ask her to cook when she's limited on what she can even eat]. I'm thinking things like casseroles, lasagna, chicken & pasta [pre-cook the chicken & sauce], and anything else that would be easy to thaw and heat. My husband is willing to do what he can in the kitchen, and can manage OK if you give him directions, but he doesn't really "cook" and isn't comfortable just winging it or following a recipe by himself, so I'm trying to keep things easy. If anyone has meal ideas or recipes, please let me know.


  1. My mom tried to tell me when I should have the baby too. lol She had to take a driver's class on his due date and stressed out the whole time that I would go into labor while she was in class. :)

    When I was at 40 weeks I got so tired of people calling me saying, "You in labor yet?" I lost my patience after a while- haha I had my son 2 weeks late, so it sucked. I wish you a safe, happy birth when you and the baby are ready. :)


  2. lol, mine was originally going to try to drive up here in time for the birth, but it's a 6 or 7 hour trip, so instead she's going to come up the next day and stay to help me out at home for a week or so.

    I'm just glad I didn't change my due date to follow the later ultrasounds, or I'd already be "due". I hear a lot of women go to 41 or 42 weeks with their first anyway, it's just rough on the days where I'm feeling bad.

    I'm loving this though:

  3. Hi there,

    Just visiting from SITS. I was late 2 weeks with my first. Like you people kept calling to ask if I had it yet. I remember that it made me feel inadequate because I was so late. Down the road, it turns out that my daughter is generally late for everything. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it LOL

  4. Sounds like you are getting a lot done! I hardly got anything done the last few weeks of my pregnancies. I remember being so exhausted.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!


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