Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby's First Straightjacket?

I saw an ad on baby center that asked "Has your baby ever peed all over his clothes?", and caught the words diaper & wrap, so I figured I'd click on over and see what I thought would be a diaper cover type thing.
Instead, I saw this:
It's called the Baby Bubadoo, and is described as a 'changing wrap". Evidently, the idea is to wrap up baby's arms and hands to keep him or her from moving and touching during a diaper change, and to provide a waterproof cover for baby's clothing during the change.
Sounds like a good idea, but I can't get over the fact that it looks like a straight jacket, and my son would probably scream and cry if I put this on him, being that he hates diaper changes already (but hates being wet even more - the fussing or crying starts as soon as he pees and doesn't stop until the new, clean, diaper is on). It also doesn't address my main diaper problem - not his hands, but the way he keeps kicking his feet and manages to rub poop on his ankles if I'm not really careful when he has a messy diaper.

Has anyone actually seen one of these wraps? Does it look as "off" in reality as it does in the pic? Would you consider using it on your child?

1 comment:

  1. I have to admit, that picture and the thought of the contraption horrifies me.
    I mean - wouldn't it be "convenient" to have your child's hands tied up for MANY things?
    It's just creepy!

    I stopped by to say thank you for your thoughtful comment on my guest post at API Speaks today. I appreciated your view!


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