Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Have A Son!

Robert Matthew Butler was born Thursday, March 25 at 5:47pm.
He was 10 lb, 3 oz & 22 inches long, with Apgar's of 8/9.

While I had 41 hours of natural labor, mostly in water, he had to be born by Cesarean section, because I never dilated past 3cm and labor was not progressing any further. We also found out the cord was wrapped around his head twice, which may have had a part in holding him up from moving down any further. Even though the birth did not go "according to plan", most of the nursing staff was great, and my midwife, doula, and the doctor who performed the section were all wonderful about not rushing things or forcing me into interventions or early decisions, so I was allowed time to wait for nature to move things along, and to adjust to the changes in plan when it became clear that wasn't going to happen. Overall, it was still a good experience because of the level of compassion and understanding that everyone involved showed, and because during the surgery I still felt empowered and in control of my birth experience.

I will  do a more detailed birth story later, when I have time and more energy, and my doula's version of the birth story, to help a little more with the details and timeline [most of my reference points are from the tweets I sent during labor]. For now, I just wanted to let everyone know we're doing well, but not online much because I'm still getting the hang of everything and having a rough time with "baby blues" and being alone right now (mom is back home & hubby is back at work - I am alone with the baby and still sore from surgery, plus very emotional right now).


  1. I'm truly sorry the birth didn't go as planned. You've been through an awful lot and don't have much support so please be kind to yourself and don't expect to "get over it" any time soon. Writing your birth story is an excellent start to the healing process, but it's a start only. You'll probably find that as the weeks and months (and years) progress, your feelings about the experience will change, so it can be helpful to keep going back to your birth story and making edits, additions, retrospective comments, etc as well. Another thing many women find extremely helpful is to get a copy of their hospital notes. You might not feel up to reading them right now, but if you can at least get hold of them while you've still got regular contact with the hospital (because applying for them later on is a rigmarole) you can file them away with your stuff and pull them out when you're ready. Your midwife should be able to organise that for you.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your son, and I wish you all the best for your mothering journey. I hope you find some excellent breastfeeding support. La Leche League is a great source of information and help.

  2. Thanks. I'm actually feeling a lot better about it now than I was last week, but I know I have a long way to go before I really accept all of it. I did talk about things more with my midwife and doctor at the last appointment, and do feel better overall because I know believe it was necessary, and a lot of the decisions I was questioning were probably the right ones (ie, if I had done things differently, the outcome would probably have been worse, not better).

    My midwife is going to get the notes from the surgery & from the labor for me, because I am interested in what they say, and think it will help reassure me I made the right decision, especially if what some of the nurses said was true regarding his position and cord.


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