Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Checking In

Sorry I've been so slack the last week y'all, it's been busy and my motivation to do anything was just gone.

I had two weekends in a row of real estate classes, but those are finally done and I'll never have to take any post-licensing again {still have the yearly updates, but those are just one day things). I was already not too happy about those, because they tend to be long and boring, and it was the first time I'd left the baby at all. My husband was home to watch him, and they did good, but I still missed him because I was gone about 10 hours at a time. DH also thought he had to work last Friday and wanted to leave the baby at a friend's house, but that was just not happening (I still think he's a little young to be left with someone else, but either way I don't think it's a good idea for his first time away from mom & dad to be all day, when we're both at least an hour away).

On top of it all, I was sick most of last week, which brought it's own issues. I mostly just wanted to stay in bed and sleep when I wasn't in the bathroom, but I seriously had no energy. The hubby stayed home with me on Wednesday cause I'd been up most of the night, and wasn't in very good shape to be looking after the baby. Of course, I ended up taking care of them both, because that's just how things work out. Between being gone most of the weekend, then being sick, my milk supply was also way down, which was worrying me and pissing me off, because I'd thought it was finally back up to where I didn't have to worry.

Now, I'm planning the whole return to work for next week. I had planned to go back after 6 weeks maximum, but I got lazy, and I think I'm nervous about what other people will think when I walk into the office and go out on appointments with the baby. Still, the whole reason I got into real estate is because it's flexible, so I guess I get to see how flexible it can be. Day care is not an option, and we're broke, so I need to get back to work, but I feel pretty intimidated. I guess most of it is because I've pretty much had the last 6 months off, between some of the health issues with the pregnancy (hyperemesis, was told not to drive for almost 4 months because of blackouts), then recovering from a c-section and trying to get settled in with the baby (he was permanently attached to my boob for most of the first month, so I couldn't really work like that.

This week, I'm still working in decluttering and cleaning the house (got rid of 72 pairs of shoes, which I'm heartbroken about, but I went up a whole size while pregnant and it looks like my feet are staying that way). I'm also going back over real estate forms and rules, to make sure I'm on top of my game when I get back to work, and doing a new marketing plan for this year - deciding which areas I'm, going to focus on for new business, and creating some flyers and postcards to send out. I also totally re-did my Lenoir, NC real estate website overnight, because I screwed up and messed up the WordPress version by trying to change the template.

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  1. Going back to work is tough. They never really explain just how tough it is. Good luck to you - I'm positive you can make it work for you.

    Big hug!


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