Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Now I Have a "Prescription" to Run

I finally made it in to see my psychiatrist yesterday evening. No big surprise - I am having serious bouts of anxiety, as well as depression. We're not really using the postpartum label yet, because I dealt with both before getting pregnant, and it seems like it could just be one hell of a recurrence, coupled with baby and life-change stress.

We talked about meds, and I told him I really don't want to be on anything right now. Several of the ones he looked up were contraindicated for breastfeeding anyway, and I still worry about the "safe "ones because there are no real studies on how it will effect your kid's mental health later on (they know only "trace amounts" of some things come through the milk, but can't tell me if those are enough to make him more likely to have a mood disorder or need medication himself once he's older). He did try to tell me it'd be ok to stop breastfeeding now, and that most of the immune benefits were passed on by 3 months, but I told him I planned to continue until my son decided to wean. For now, we're holding off on meds, but he told me to call him if I have another really bad day or two, and he may call something in that I probably won't take anyway because I'll be too freaked out.

The  one thing he did tell me is that he wants me to be sure to exercise daily, especially while I'm off meds. He suggested walking, but I told him I found running more relaxing and it helps me deal with stress better. He said he's still emphasize walking but, if I was going to run anyway, to be careful not to push myself too hard or get too frustrated with setting/reaching goals right now (yes, this guy knows me). It is motivation to get my butt in gear, because I have been slacking off in the exercise department, because of the heat and the general lack of motivation and feeling like crap that goes along with the depression.  At least I feel a little better about asking the hubby to watch Robbie some now, so I can get a run in. I doubt it'll happen as much as it should, but I can tell him the doctor said to instead of trying to explain that I need to do it for me. It sucks that it takes invoking "medical authority" instead of just listening to what I say, but at least it may let me get out more.

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  1. I've really enjoyed going back and reading some of your archived posts since I found your blog this weekend.

    I'd like to pass along an award I received to you:


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