Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Checking In

I haven't had a whole lot to blog about lately, and have been trying to limit my computer time, so it's been a while. Overall, I'm feeling much better than a few weeks ago. I'm still dragging a lot physically, just tired and sore a lot, but I feel better mentally and am not as depressed. My doctor is thinking there's a possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, since I've gotten like this for weeks and months at a time in the past, but there are more tests and things they are doing to see if it could be related to my thyroid or something else instead. I still thing a big part of it is just that I'm not getting enough rest.

I am still trying to find a balance between taking it easy and getting things done, but I'm getting frustrated a lot. I'll ask my husband to help by watching the baby for a few hours or taking boxes to Goodwill, and he either says he's too busy (busy often means watching television or looking at porn on the internet) or does it in a way that doesn't really give me a break (calling me to help every time the baby needs a diaper change or is hungry, even though he has bottles ready for that, or falling asleep while "watching him", which has already caused the baby to fall off the couch and hit his head once). There are things I can't do while holding the baby, so I am having to stay up most nights past midnight to clean, go through boxes, etc. We have several boxes waiting now that he told me he'd take to Goodwill a month ago - he went through them, took a bunch of stuff out that we had to keep (he yelled at me over a plastic coffee cup that hadn't been used in the 8+ years we've lived here, because a friend bought it for him at a truck stop), and then left them where he found them. I'll take them off next week, but it's a pain to load up the car with the baby, because I have to leave him alone in the house while I'm loading the car (I'm not leaving him in a hot car, or a still one with the engine running), and I don't like having him out of my sight and hearing. I'm trying to follow the FlyLady routines & do 15 minutes here or there, and catch up when the baby's asleep, but it can be hard, especially since 2/3 of the time baby falls asleep with me holding him and wakes up if ai move or put him down.

The baby is doing good though. He's teething, so he's more fussy than normal and wants to be held most of the time, but he's growing good. At his 4 month appointment, he was 18 pounds 2 oz, and 28 inches long. He's been rolling over for a while, and uses that to scoot all over the floor now. He loves being on his tummy, and is pushing up on hands and knees and hands and feet, but hasn't figured out how to move forward other than to scoot an inch or two sometimes. He smiles and laughs a lot, especially if you make faces or do something silly, and is babbling a whole lot too. We haven't started him on meals of solids yet, but are giving him tastes and he's doing good with that. He likes holding his spoon, and will put it in his mouth (then chew on and play with it), so I am letting him. He also kept trying to grab hold of our cups and glasses when we had drinks, and will sip from one if you just give him a little bit, so I'm letting him play with a sippy cup. We're going to get him a beginner sippy cup to try in the next week or two but, for now, I'm just giving him the chance to hold and explore new things.

My show was on Discovery Health a week or two ago, but I still haven't seen it (we don't have regular television, just Netflix & a DVD/video player). I'm waiting to get a DVD copy in the mail from the producers, and then I'll blog about that.

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  1. So glad you're feeling mentally better! But so sorry that you're so exhausted and don't have the support you deserve :( . I think of you often and hope that things continue to get much much better.


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