Monday, August 30, 2010


Today is one of "those" days. I didn't get much sleep last night, and I woke up sore and edgy/shaky. My stress level started out high and got worse. Looking over my budget for the month did not help, because I'm behind and not sure when/how to catch back up. Of course, being tense means my back hurts now too, and I'm edging on getting a headache. I'm hoping that I'll be able to take a nap when my husband gets home, and see if that will help. I've been doing better, and am trying not to let this throw me off track.

In good news, I got my domperidone, so I'll be back to working on upping my milk supply. Since Robbie will be starting solids soon, I'm hoping to be able to wean him off formula and onto just solids and breastmilk. I'll have to get a new piece for my breastpump though, because the cat knocked a bunch of stuff off the table and my husband threw it all in the trash, apparently including one of the connectors that screws onto the bottle and connects to the pump tubing. (At least I'm guessing that's it, because it's gone, and he says he threw away some plastic things because he didn't know what they were).

I'm still working on stuff around the house. Same routine. I clean up my stuff, he replaces it with his stuff. I box up things to go to Goodwill, he goes through them and takes half of it back out. Wait I minute, I thought I'm the one  who's supposed to be a hoarder? At least he's talking about getting a storage building, so we can get some of the extra furniture out of the house. He will not let go of anything that ever belonged to a family member, and his family is the same, so they have multiple storage sheds on their property of old belongings, many of which have been ruined or crushed by being piled on top of eachother. This includes cars also - every car he's ever owned is rusting out in a field behind his parent's house.
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