Sunday, October 31, 2010

Growing Up Fast

That pic looks about like our room at around 7am this morning - baby wide awake and ready to play and be up for the day, and mommy and daddy wanting to get some more sleep. Of course, we all got up then, and he feel back asleep about the time we were both up, showered, dressed, and wide awake.

Robbie (the baby) is growing up so fast! He got his first tooth about a week ago, and has 3 teeth showing already, and a few more just under the gums (the first tooth was the bottom front, and the next two were his upper canine teeth, so he looks like a little vampire baby). He's been handling it really well.

We also went to Once Upon a Child (it's a thrift store for babies - they have lots name brand clothes in good shape, really cheap), and got some winter clothes for Robbie - a bunch of pants & long sleeve shirts, some jackets, a couple sweaters and 3 pairs of shoes, all for around $100. He needed more cold weather clothes, and some nicer outfits for church, so I'm happy. We also bought him a little toy telephone, since he wants to play with ours (and shorted out my Blackberry by drooling on it), and a toy for Christmas. He looks so grown up in his shoes and khakis and all. :)

We also took Robbie trick or treating for the first time (pics to come, I need to upload them). We dressed him us as a jack-o-lantern, in a little sweatsuit with a face on it and a pumpkin leaf on the hood. We didn't want to have him out in too much in the cold, or drag him around while he was tired a& cranky, so we just went to two of the churches that were doing trunk or treat near the house. He seemed to enjoy it, and would smile and laugh every time someone put candy in his pumpkin, because he liked the noise it made dropping in there. We also took him to his grandparents' (my husband's mom & dad), so they could see him in his costume. I think my husband enjoyed it as much as the baby, because he loves Halloween.

Note:  I may not be posting or checking in a whole lot in the next month, because November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month, and I am shooting for 2,000 words per day, just to leave myself a good margin of error. Between the writing and the baby, I don't know that I'll have much time left to blog.

I'm happy to have the chance to do this. I've been wanting to since I first heard of it, but it always seemed like I didn't have the time, between work and school. Now I have plenty of spare time, and the biggest challenge will be remember to write each time the baby takes a nap.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And We Wonder Why So Many Children Suffer From Eating Disorders

I took my son with me to a family reunion this weekend. He's 6 months old, a very active, happy, an healthy baby, at 29 inches long and 20 lbs, 3 oz. His doctors say he's doing great, and he's growing just fine on mostly breastmilk, some formula, and a few ounces of pureed fruits & veggies, with a little bit of grains, most day.

Still, one of his great aunts thought it was totally appropriate to lecture us because we were feeding him avocado and bananas.  See, she had heard that they were "full of fat", and we shouldn't feed baby anything fattening because then he would grow up to be fat (like mom & [paternal] grandma were only implied). I told her that they were one of the healthiest foods for a child, that babies needed fat to grow, and milk and formula were both high in fat as well, and that it was really none of her business what I fed my son. I bit my tongue on most of the things that came to mind, but I wonder if she would have brought it up if I was thinner, or if my husband's family was all thin (this same woman has an 3 adult daughters - one who has been in an out of treatment for anorexia and related health problems, one who is "average size", and one who is a large woman herself, so I would think she'd know better either way - I assume they all were given approximately the same foods growing up).

I know some people think I may be overreacting, but this whole obsession with children, eating habits, and thinness has gotten beyond dangerous. 4 month olds are being denied health insurance because they are obese (even though BMI was not intended for children, or even as an individual measurement). We have parents abusing and starving their children, often to death, and at least two of these parents have come right out and said it was because they thought they were getting fat. Studies are showing that daycares and schools are also malnourishing children by providing meals with too little fat an calories to meet nutritional guidelines, in an effort to appear more healthy and reduce rates of obesity and overweight. The irony here is that kids who are put on diets or fail to receive adequate nourishment early in life never learn to feel and regulate their own hunger and fullness, and have trouble managing their weight and developing healthy eating habits as adults (the same thing happens to adult "yo-yo" dieters who learn to ignore their body's signals in order to stick to a specific eating plan or diet). Still, our society would rather follow Michelle Obama's plan to cut food stamps and promote fat-shaming among children, and dress our babies in clothing with the same messages that promote eating disorders in older children (see below), than to focus on real science and nutritional first and stop projecting our weighjt and body image issues onto young children.

Infant bodysuits from CafePress:

 Shirt on the right reads:

Club Anorexic
Where all the top models hang out
Rock till You Faint
Fully staffed medical facilities and restrooms

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Moods, Even More Random Life

Just checking in. Things are pretty good right now, but way weird. I'm not having many symptoms of depression lately, or stereotypical anxiety, but things are definitely "off". I have been having really bad insomnia again, which sucks with a baby, because sleeping when I feel like crashing isn't really an option anymore, and certain anxiety symptoms like getting pissed off at the drop of a hate and not being able to deal with driving or concentrate on things for very long. Still, I am feeling decent overall - not sure if I'm getting used to being all out of sorts, or if it's just such an improvement over being all weird and mixed up, and depressed on top of it.

I've missed a few psych appointments, but will be making one in a week or two, when I can afford it, just to see what's going on and keep things in check (even semi-anxious on a regular basis is not really good, because I tend to start there, get worse, then crash and burn into a whole depressive phase again). I still think a lot of what's going on now has to do with issues with my husband (he's got some serious internet/porn addiction going on that he's really defensive over & is still emotionally abusive in some ways but not as bad as when I was pregnant), but I'm sort of stuck with him, so none of that is going to change any time soon. We really need couple's counseling or something, but he will not listen to anyone who says all of our and his problems are not my fault, and definitely won't help pay for it, so I don't see that working out.

Life otherwise is ok. We have a huge hole in our floor because our heatpump leaked, but at least that means we can put down some new flooring, which is badly needed. the hubby says he's going to fix it himself - we've waited 3 weeks on estimates and repairs and people are dragging their feet. I was going to do some "6 month out" pictures after the whole Discovery Channel show, but I'll wait until the floor is fixed. Right now, things looks cluttered again, because all of our bedroom and nursery furniture has been moved into the living rooms (we'll be reflooring a hallway, part of the bathroom, the nursery, and the spare bedroom). I'm still looking for some regular work to do from home or in the evenings, so I don't have to put the baby in daycare, but there's not much out there.

The baby is doing great. At 6 1/2 months old, he's crawling all over the place, pulling himself up and "cruising" along the edges of the couch, table and whatever else he can reach, and babbling up a storm. He's also eating solids now - mostly steamed and pureed fruits & veggies, but also some food off our plates mashed or chopped into tiny pieces. He's 20 pounds, so I'm really using the baby slings a lot now to help carry him. We're still co-sleeping, so he goes to sleep pretty well, but wakes up too early for my tastes (because I have to get up when he does, and there's no getting him back to sleep once he's up and ready to play in the morning). He's already got a stubborn streak when he wants to do or get something, but that's not surprising either, looking at who his parents are.
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