Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

After a ton of bloodwork, I was diagnosed with low thyroid and low vitamin D. I'm on medication now for both. I go back in a month for more testing to see how the thyroid meds are working, so here's hoping things will straighten out. I'm a little perturbed because I asked about thyroid several years ago (reading one of those posters in the doctor's office with symptoms), and was told not to worry about it. I don't have arthritis, so that's good (he was suspecting that as a possible cause for the joint pain and asleep feeling in my hands and feet at times). I'm not sure if the thyroid could be causing all the soreness and stiffness as well, but we'll see. Part of it could be that the sudden drop in activity is doing it, since I haven't had the energy to exercise much lately. Hopefully I'll get back to running again soon, or at least walking longer distances, and see if that helps.
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