Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughts on Going Back to Work

I had a mandatory update class for my real estate license yesterday.

Being in a room full of people who had worked in real estate (most of the class was no longer actively working) made me realize how much I miss it.

I'm going to go back to work with it, but am still really hesitant because it costs so much money to be an agent and takes at least 3-4 months usually to get paid for the first transaction or two. I also do not want to put Robbie in daycare, so I need to find a brokerage that will let me either work from home primarily or have Robbie in the office with me. My previous broker was fine with that, but I would really rather work in an office closer to home and concentrate on just the two towns I live between and have the most experience selling in.

It's strange how nervous I am over interviews, because I know I can go back to my last office, no questions asked, and they have better "perks" than some of the other places. The thing is, there are only a couple offices in the area that cover both of the cities I want to work in, and I am not sure I could get on there under the conditions I want. I'm sure I could at one if I didn't have a child to care for, but I don't want to put him in daycare while I work because I know I'll be working long hours and weekends, and he's used to being with me 24/7. The other, I don't know about. I've referred a few clients to one of their brokers, which should help, but all of their agents are men and I'm not sure if that's intentional or not.

I am right on the edge of having enough experience to declare myself broker-in-charge and run my own office, but I don't have quite enough because I was working part-time my first 2 years in the business (they require 2 years full-time or 4+ years part time within the past 5 years). I also don't feel like I have the experience I really need yet, since they totally re-did our contracts and made some major changes to the mortgage rules and paperwork in the last year or two, so I need to work for a broker for at least a couple years before going out on my own. It also helps because I'll have somebody there to ask for help or advice if I need it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fat Tax - Health Insurance

My husband's company is looking for a new insurance company, trying to save money. This could be a good thing, except part of the determination involves getting the weight and height of everyone and their spouses (presumably for BMI).

So, I get a call from the HR lady, because my husband doesn't know my height and weight. I tell her, and it sucks, because I feel like I'm going to be the reason this gets rejected or gets everyone higher rates or something.

I am cool with the size I am and how I look, but I hate that companies are allowed to discriminate based on size, even for a person who does not suffer from any of the supposedly weight-related health conditions, and that this crap just adds more ammo to the fat-hate camp.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roller Derby

I have thought roller derby was awesome every since watching the old retro kind on tv, complete with staged fights and really bad costumes.

I seriously looked into joining or starting a team several years ago, but the closest one was over and hour away and I had no clue about how to actually form one, few friends who would be interesting, and no idea where we would practice or play, so that didn't pan out.

I had given up on the idea over the past few years, between the car wreck, being pregnant, having the baby, and trying to keep the crazy in check.

This weekend, I found out there is a local team and they meet and practice just a few miles from my home. I emailed and found out they are still looking for players and other people to be involved, so now I just have to save up some cash and get my skates and protective gear to play.

At around 300 pounds now, I'm more than a little nervous, but I've seen several other big women online that play for various leagues, so that's helping me feel better about it. If nothing else, this should also help kickstart my butt back into a decent fitness routine elsewhere just to help get and stay in shape for the sport.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fat Liberation Manifesto

This was originally written in 1973, but it's something a lot of women still need to read.

Sizism and hatred of "fat" people are wrong and discrimination based on weight and appearance is just as harmful as any other type, especially since these are still legal and victims don't have as many resources or ways to fight back.

This was written with fat in mind, because fat does seem to be the focus of much discrimination and body policing, but the statements can also apply to those who are naturally skinny and criticized for it or assumed to have an eating disorder when they do not.


1. WE believe that fat people are fully entitled to human respect and recognition.

2. WE are angry at mistreatment by commercial and sexist interests. These have exploited our bodies as objects of ridicule, thereby creating an immensely profitable market selling the false promise of avoidance of, or relief from, that ridicule.

3. WE see our struggle as allied with the struggles of other oppressed groups against classism, racism, sexism, ageism, financial exploitation, imperialism and the like.

4. WE demand equal rights for fat people in all aspects of life, as promised in the Constitution of the United States. We demand equal access to goods and services in the public domain, and an end to discrimination against us in the areas of employment, education, public facilities and health services.

5. WE single out as our special enemies the so-called "reducing" industries. These include diet clubs, reducing salons, fat farms, diet doctors, diet books, diet foods and food supplements, surgical procedures, appetite suppressants, drugs and gadgetry such as wraps and "reducing machines".

WE demand that they take responsibility for their false claims, acknowledge that their products are harmful to the public health, and publish long-term studies proving any statistical efficacy of their products. We make this demand knowing that over 99% of all weight loss programs, when evaluated over a five-year period, fail utterly, and also knowing the extreme proven harmfulness of frequent large changes in weight.

6. WE repudiate the mystified "science" which falsely claims that we are unfit. It has both caused and upheld discrimination against us, in collusion with the financial interests of insurance companies, the fashion and garment industries, reducing industries, the food and drug industries, and the medical and psychiatric establishment.

7. WE refuse to be subjugated to the interests of our enemies. We fully intend to reclaim power over our bodies and our lives. We commit ourselves to pursue these goals together.


By Judy Freespirit and Aldebaran
November, 1973

Originally Published by the Fat Underground,
Los Angeles, California USA
copied from Largesse Archives

Presented as a public service by Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem
This document may be freely copied and distributed in its entirety for non-commercial use
in promoting size diversity empowerment, provided this statement is included.
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