Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Fresh Start

It seems like I have just let everything slide in the past year or two. Between the whole PPD thing, and just being busy and getting used to having a baby/toddler in the house all days, I've sort of been coasting.

This means that most of the routines I had going on and most of the progress I'd made have gone away.

I've decided it's time to get back in control of things, and to just start over.

My goals right now are to get my house de-cluttered and organized, to get back to a regular fitness routine, to write daily, and to get my finances in order and find ways to save money.

Around the house, I need to keep up with my FlyLady routines and to do at least 15 minutes of decluttering a day. I've been able to maintain things with the routines but, without the decluttering, the house is still messy and it looks even worse with a toddler running around and strewing things all over.

For fitness, I am starting back on a walking/running plan I had good results with before I got pregnant. It is a "conservative", or very slowed-down, version of the well-known "Couch to 5k" program. I am going to do workout tapes or roller skate on the "off" days, because I'm also trying to get into shape to try out for our local Roller Derby team. Once I can run the full 5k, or 3.1 miles, then I want to add in more cycling and start swimming, so I can compete in triathlons.

For writing, my goal is to start blogging again regularly and to work on some personal projects. I'd also like to get hired for some of the paid writing websites, and I need to work on some "clips" to send in and apply for those.

The finances part is self-explanatory. Without a job for over a year, money is tight for me. I have been trying to find a job I can do in the afternoons and/or weekends, so I don't have to put my son in daycare, but I haven't had any luck. Right now, my focus is on tracking my bills and sticking to a budget, and on seeing if I can make a decent income from writing. Chances are, I will go back to work as a real estate agent towards the end of this year, because I will be able to have my son with me and can work around his schedule for many things. It's not my really ideal set-up, but I still prefer that to leaving him in daycare or with a sitter, then spending half my paycheck to cover the costs of that.
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