Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go the F__k to Sleep - now with Samuel L. Jackson

No, the title of this post isn't directed at my son (although I've thought it a time or two).

Rather, it's the title of a new “children’s book for adults” by Adam Mansbach that is showing up all over the internet and, due to a leaked PDF file, has managed to top both the Amazon.com and New York Times bestseller lists before ever being released.

The official release date for the book is today, June 14, and you can order a copy from the book's website, GoTheFtoSleep.com

No, this isn't something I'd actually read to my child as a bedtime story (probably, although I might consider it those nights he's up past 2pm), but it is funny to read because I think most parents have been there and thought the same things.

Thanks to Cecily at Motherhood Uncensored, here is an even better audio version, as read by Samuel L. Jackson:

You can also download this for free as an audio book from Audible.com


  1. I thought the book was amazing. Now that Samuel L. Jackson is reading it makes it even better!!

    (thanks for commenting on my comment on HerBadMother's post (re: f-words)...maybe I should think of home-schooling?!?)

  2. Yeah, he was definitely the right person to do it
    I just hate that YouTube deleted all the videos with his voice and the pictures from the book.


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