Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm really starting to notice a pattern here. Every time I start an exercise plan, something happens to really throw me off track. A couple years ago, when I was finally getting into a good groove with running, I was in a car accident and broke my arm, plus had some nerve damage in my leg that made it painful to even walk for a while. That healed, then I got pregnant, and had some weird complications where I was passing out, then more craziness postpartum (fatigue and joint pain that was diagnosed as fibromyalgia, but I think may be more related to thyroid & vitamin D deficiency since it has improved greatly since I started taking medications for those).

So, lately, I've started walking again in an effort to build back up to running and then triathlon. I had even called a local gym and made an appointment for a tour so I could sign up under a special deal they are running for summer. Then, this happened:The toddler was going after something, I forget what, and I jumped up to get him. Somehow, I caught my end toes on the brown footstool there in the picture and I guess all of my weight went into them. Either way, I hurt a pop and it hurt like crazy. It looked fine until the next morning, then I woke up to see bruising all down the left side of my foot and a swelled up pinky toe. I had it x-rayed and they confirmed it was broken, and they told me to ice it and try to stay off it, which is pretty hard to do with a little one.

Right now, I'm supposed to take it easy and try to stay off it until at least the end of next month. The doctor said not to run or skate on it for at least 3 months, to give it time to heal completely, so that cuts out a lot of what I was planning to do. I'll have to check back and ask about cycling, but I would think that should be OK since it doesn't put pressure right on my toes, and I might try to do pilates and things like that. I've lost 4 pounds this week just by cooking more at home and eating out less, so I want to do what I can to get in shape and build up some endurance while the toe is healing so I can jump right into things once it's better.


  1. Ouch!!! that really looks painful. I have had issues like that also. Just when I get in the mood and motivation something sets up a road block. But 4 pounds is huge for one week. For now maybe just concentrating on your diet is all you can do but that is something in the right direction. Still it is disappointing for you. Sorry that happened. Heal quickly.

  2. Thanks, I was surprised at the weight loss. I think it's because I'm focusing more on healthy food for the rugrat, and it's causing me to eat real meals instead of snack on junk during the day.

    It's weird, because I'm not so much focused on weight loss as a primary goal, but I know that I feel better about 20-30 pounds lighter than I am and losing that extra will make it so much easier on me to get back into fitness activities (and I'll fit in my cute workout clothes again).


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