Thursday, July 28, 2011

He Gets Into Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

Nope, I didn't put him there. He got in there himself.

I made the mistake of letting him stand in a chair by the sink and "help" my wash dishes.
That taught him 2 very bad things:
  1. Chairs are great for reaching and climbing.
  2. The sink sprayer is great fun to play with.
In the course of a few minutes, he got the chair out from under the sink, pushed it up to the counter, and climbed up into the sink. He didn't have the water on, but had the sprayer and was trying to use it.

(Yes, I have wallpaper and chickens on my curtains. We're redneck like that 'round here.)
(No, Bloggess fans, the chickens are not named Beyonce)
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