Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seriously, IRS?

OK, I am seriously sick of taxes right now. I'm also wondering how many people got audited for their 2009 taxes, just in time to help the government offest some of this crazy-ass debt they're racking up.

(Yeah, I'm one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists, but I find it odd that I know 3 other people who got past due tax bills. One's already been proven to be a mistake.)

We got a bill for very close to $3,000 from the IRS a few months ago, where supposedly something had been entered on the wrong line of a form. (My husband's IRA withdrawal wasn't taxed like it should have been),. The taxes were done using TurboTax, so I thought that was odd, but we couldn't find the original return, so we had to take the IRS' word for it. Stuff is already really tight on us, but they agreed to take payments of $50 a month and then take the rest out of any refund that we might get at the end of the year.

That really sucked, but I thought it was settled. Then yesterday we get a bill for $750 from the state. Turns out the feds had notified them, and their "correction" of the return jacked up our taxable income, leaving us owing the state a buttload of money, too. Of course, the state of North Carolina is run by a bunch of arseholes, so they won't do the same type of payments as the feds. They're asking for it all at once or in payments of $85 a month, and I have no clue how that's gonna work out.
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