Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Plauge of Frogs - In the Bathroom?

This morning started out pretty normal. Got up, took a shower, went to go pee, etc. Then I made the mistake of looking down at the toilet.

I saw a big brown thing, and thought someone had missed the bowl, so I reached for the toilet brush. Then the lump moved. It was a big frog!

Because I have my priorities straight, I screamed like a little girl, then went to the living room to get my camera, so I could take a pic for the blog. When I got back, it was gone, so I had to snag a pic of someone else's toilet frog off the internet (see, you can find anything on Google).

My husband went and looked and he was telling me I must be imagining it. I would have thought so myself, if I had thought it was a frog when I first saw it.

The disturbing thing is this is the second frog I've found in the bathroom this summer. The first one "disappeared" too, and I looked up and found it sitting in the miniblinds over the tub about a week later. Hubby tried to tell me I imagined that one, too, until it showed up and I made him go snatch it out of the blinds. I pointed that out to him when he started telling me there was no frog this time, but then he accused me of catching a frog and "planting" it in the bathroom, just to prove I was right. Not that I don't like being right, but I wouldn't stoop to touching icky, squishy, jumping things just to prove it.

So now I'm wondering what is going on. I blamed the first one on the dog, because he loves to catch frogs and has the thing of bringing nasty crap into the house after he's let out. Now I'm not so sure. In the process of googling "toilet frogs", I found out this is apparently a common thing in some area and can be caused by an "open" line that allows frogs (and snakes) to climb up the water line into your house. Being that our house was formerly owned by a guy with all sort of "creative" ideas about home repairs, plumbing, and wiring, it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

So now, in addition to a possible coming plague of frogs in my toilet, I'm also gonna have to start peeking in the bowl and making sure there are no snakes lurking there waiting to bite me in the ass for peeing on their heads. I thought people gave all that crap up when we finally got indoor plumbing instead of outhouses.

Here are a few more pics to prove that toilet frogs are a real problem:
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