Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween! ...Why Don't You Take A Seat Over There

Kids clothes in general make me glad I have a son rather than a daughter right now, but some of the Halloween costumes really are maddening. There are still lots of  "cute" choices for very young kids, but it seems like the "sexy" costumes keep coming in younger sizes every year.

I could go on a whole rant about that in general, but I'm not really bothered as much if an adult wants to dress up as a sexy/slutty whatever. What does skeeve me out is when I see the same costumes, complete with fake garterbelt stockings, miniskirts, and optional high heels, in sizes aimed at pre-teens and even sized to fit the average 10-12 year old.

Did I miss something, or is it now appropriate to dress a child up in something at 12 that you'd ground them for leaving the house in at 16? In a world where everyone is aware of the dangers of sexual predators, to the point of TV shows focusing on the problem, and where many cities have started taking extra precautions on Halloween because it brings children into contact with so many strangers, why would we think sending young girls out to walk around in skimpy clothing could possibly be a good idea.

Several other people have addressed this, but costume makers most not be getting the idea, so maybe we could try reaching the parents who buy these costumes directly. While a Pedo Bear costume would probably be in bad taste, how about a couple guys dressed as Chris Hansen? - "Hello, I'm Chris Hansen - WTF were you thinking with that outfit?"

*OK, that last part was tongue-in-cheek    ... mostly*
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