Friday, October 7, 2011

Still Alive

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I hadn't realized it was 2 whole months!

Anyway, I'm going well. I've just been  really busy but not getting much done. One again, this whole motherhood-marriage-life thing is getting kind of overwhelming again.

I still haven't found a "real" job and am getting ready to run out of unemployment, so that sort of scares the crap out of me. With our local job market, most of the options are part-time and minimum wage, and daycare is expensive even if I thought I could leave Rugrat in one without totally freaking out. The one and only job offer I've had would have left me with $28 a week (gross pay, before taxes) after paying for childcare, so we didn't go that route.

I am doing some writing online, mostly through Textbroker. I'm actually making OK money at that, but only have a couple hours per day to write. The hubby doesn't understand that I can't write very well with the TV blaring, dogs running around, and toddler in my lap. I ask him to watch Rugrat so I can write and he lets him climb up on my or comes to me every 15 minutes asking where something is. I feel like I could make enough to pay some bills doing this if I could have some quiet and concentration, but right now my choices are either to stay up late and write or wake up very early. This means 5 or less hours of sleep, and I can only function like that for a few days before I start getting sick and then start having bad depression and anxiety issues again. Still, it seems like my only real shot at work at the moment.

I'm still going to the gym some but have had to back way off due to calf strain and then fibro flares that have left me with pain and joint soreness. I seem to do OK cycling still, as long as it's on a recumbent, but am having trouble walking up inclines, running, or even walking fast for long. I'm doing water aerobics to try to stretch and do low-impact cardio, but the whole thing is really frustrating because I am so far behind the goals I had set for myself. If I push it, then I am sore all over the next day and I had one day where I hadn't even exercised but spent several hours unable to put any weight on my right leg and hip. I am signed up for a 5k on the 15, but am not sure if I'll be able to do it or not. If I can walk 2.5 miles or so on Tuesday or Wednesday, then I figure I can do 3.2 on Saturday, but I'll most likely walk it all instead of running most of it like I had originally planned.

Rugrat is going great. He's talking some, mostly really random words like ball, bird, banner, dog, no, and his favorite word "shit". He's also waving, high 5-ing, and running up to people going "boo" and laughing. He is climbing, running, and into everything, and laughs a lot. He also gives hugs and kisses, which is so sweet, but really annoys the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, we got a new puppy. He's a pit bull / Cane Corso mix, so he'll probably be big, but he is really sweet. He's actually a lot calmer and better behaved than Thor was at that age, but I'm still working on housebreaking and teaching him not to chew on toys and other random things. Having 2 dogs bouncing around, along with a toddler, makes for some interesting days. I am also really thankful for my carpet cleaner right now.

I've still got a ton of stuff to de-clutter, but I'm cleaning around what I can. The house is pretty decent right now, other than all the bedroom stuff being in my front living room because we still haven't gotten the flooring down in the bedrooms. Once that's done, and I can move things, I'm going to do another big purge of things. I've got a bunch of nicer clothes to sell on eBay, but want to be able to organize them and keep them clean, so I need the space. Hopefully, Billy will also let go of some of the random extra furniture we have, which will free up a lot of room. Either way, I'm moving a big wide desk into the spare bedroom to use as a sewing table, so I'll finally have a place for sewing and crafty stuff. I've got a few vintage patterns I want to try for a dress and a couple of skirts, then I'll probably work on some curtains and pillows, and maybe a slipcover for the couch if I get really ambitious.

That's pretty much life as it stands now, and I'll try to update this poor little neglected blog more in the future.
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