Monday, November 7, 2011

Awesome Brownies, By Mistake

Lately, the rugrat's had this thing about opening boxes of food and either scattering pasta all over the kitchen or bringing me random packages without the box they came in. (Yeah, they make child-proof cabinet latches - it took him about 2 days to figure those out).

Usually, I can find the accompanying box before the dogs eat it and get everything put back together and taped shut. This time, it didn't work that way.

I ended up with one big clear cellophane bag or brown, chocolatey looking baking mix and bits of a red cardboard box scattered all over my living room. I could tell from the size and shape (and cause I bake a lot of cakes and brownies) that it was a Betty Crocker mix, so I assumed it was for fudge brownies, my husband's favorite.

I busted out a pan, greased it up, and followed the direction on another package of brownies to make them, adding a thin layer of Nutella in the middle because I love that stuff and because I can never just follow a recipe without messing around.

When they were done, they smelled and looked good, but it was clear they were not the brownies I thought they were. Instead, it had been a box of German chocolate cake mix. I tried one, thought it was pretty good, and gave the hubby one to sample. He declared they were freakin' awesome, ate 4, then told me from now on I should forget the brownie mix and make those instead.

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