Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Chore Lists & Planners

Many people, myself included, make goals and plans for the new yer that include getting more organized, de-cluttering, or otherwise making their home neater and easier to live in.

If you're a list person like me, then you've probably tried this and used several different lists, plans, and organizers over the years trying to find on that works for you. I'm going to try to make the process easier for you this year, by listing the 3 chore list systems that have worked the best for me.

The first place I turned to try to get organized was FlyLady. While she doesn't publish a whole year's worth of tasks at once - probably because she knows some of us would try to do them all at once or "play catch-up" and get overwhelmed and burned out - she does send out daily reminders by email. For those who find the emails to be too much "inbox clutter", you can visit the website at instead. If you click on the "Launch Pad", you'll find lists of cleaning tasks for each day, detailed cleaning lists for the more advanced, and a "Sneak Peek" with the whole week's worth of tasks.

Another system that I've found helpful is the Declutter & Organize Calendar from MySimplerLife. This is a free, printable calendar that comes as a PDF file. It has one task listed for each day, with Sundays being given over to tasks that help you take care of yourself, similar to FlyLady's "Pamper Missions". I enjoyed using it as a sort of "Extra" or alternate "Zone Mission" combined with FlyLady, but it will also be good for those who have a handle on their everyday cleaning routines and would like to add just one more thing a day to contribute to their overall home organization.

The best of both worlds seem to be the printable chore lists & printable day planners from Motivated Moms. They combine the calendar format, and convenience of being able to print a month or year ahead in advance, of the Declutter & Organize Calendar with the routines and daily checklists of FlyLady's system. Each day has a daily checklist down one side and a few organizational tasks and chores listed for the day. The day planner checklists add hourly appointment slots to the schedule. Motivated Moms' planners and chore lists are available as a printable PDF file and come in full size (8.5 x11") or half size (5.5x9.5") options,  with or without a checklist for Bible reading, and with the options of either a weekly chore list only checklist or a daily planner with the chores and hourly appointment slots for each day. The "half size" planners can be punched to fit inside of Franklin Covey or Day Timer planners. Samples of each type of planner and chore list are viewable on the Motivated Moms order page. These chore lists normally cost $8 for the whole year, but you can order them now for only $7 by entering the code 1OFF at checkout.


  1. Motivated Moms is available for the iPhone. It's around $8, but I heard it's good. I just can't bring myself to pay that much. I use Cozi (FlyLady edition) which is a grocery list, meal planner, to-do, journal etc all in one and it syncs across multiple devices. The FlyLady list just really isn't enough for me, but it integrates into Cozi. I'm really considering trying out Motivated Moms, but need a push.

  2. I've used Cozi, too, and I still use it on my phone for the grocery list and appointments, but I've always done better with a paper checklist for chores and stuffs, which is why I like Motivated Moms. It all comes down to what will work for you. In the past, I've spent $50+ a year looking fr the right organizer or appointment book, only to get tired of copying everything over, so it's actually saving me money (just by fitting in a Franklin Covey binder - their refills are like $20-30).

  3. I have found if you search a little, you can find all free forms on the web. Also I tried the flylady. She would send emails at 8 at night and say do the dishes. Not my kind of cleaning especially since dinner was over 2 hours before!


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