Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Can't Believe My Kid Likes...

I've always thought it was cool that the rugrat eats real adult food, and have tried to help him develop varied tastes, but some of the stuff he likes weirds even me out:

  • Really spicy foods - When he was tiny, he got into some of he sauce from my chipotle chicken, then started fussing for more. Not to be outdone, he started eating jalapenos not long after starting solid foods. Now, he digs into Mexican food and will hoard all of the spicy salsa i you don't make sure only the mild is in reach.
  • Black coffee - I should have seen this coming, since he is his daddy's child, but he is crazy about coffee and will ask for it - he calls it "hot". He's also learned to get it from the coffee pot if it's not pushed way back on the counter, which scars the crap out of me. 
  • Sushi & sashimi - Including some of the rolls I won't eat. Then again, I craved sushi the whole tie I was pregnant and cheated a little by eating veggie and cooked rolls.
  • Sauerkraut - I found this out a few days ago. I wouldn't touch it as a child, and my husband still won't.
  • Hummus - He tears some hummus up, either with cut up pita or with carrots, celery, and bell pepper to dip with.
  • Veggies - He eats most veggies, although he has preferences (if they are "mixed" he eats all the carrots first), but he will go for carrots or celery over a cookie and was fussing last night because I was eating a salad and he didn't have anymore. Seriously, whose child is this?
  • Weird food - Some stuff most people think is odd, and several I won't even touch. He's liked calamari, frog legs, baby octopus, durian, kim chee, wasabi peas, miso, crawdads, oysters, lobster "butter", tofu, tempeh, morcilla, livermush, Vienna sausage, and my mother-in-law's cooking.
Then again, he's not even 2 yet, so maybe I should keep my fingers crossed and hope this continues. I'll probably keep introducing random foods to see what he does like. Who knows, between this and his penchant for helping out in the kitchen maybe I'm raising a little miniature Anthony Bourdain.

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  1. Holy moly! That's quite an impressive list. He's tried foods I haven't even tried.


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