Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Bucket List

If you haven't heard of it before, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It comes from the phrase "kick the bucket" and was popularized by the 2007 movie with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson.

I have a longer, more detailed list over on 43 Things, which is a goal tracking site that is perfect for keeping up with your own bucket list, but these are my top ten lifetime goals right now:
  1. Get my home organized. - I have a feeling this will be an ongoing goal, but it's constantly getting better. I made a huge amount of progress with the help of FlyLady, starting about 2 years ago, and now my husband is on board and helping out, too. I just started using the Motivated Moms planner and chore lists this year, but I'm loving them and noticing even more of an improvement already. 
  2. Become debt free. - This is another on of those things I started working on several years ago, mostly following advice from Dave Ramsey, but I got off track due to my husband going through 2 layoffs and me having 2 car accidents, 2 week-long hospital stays, and then losing my job and having a baby. Money is even tighter right now, but we're working on budgeting, saving, and cutting corners wherever we can, which should help us save even more when my husband's job situation improves.
  3. Compete in an Ironman triathlon. - This is defiantly a long-term goal, but one I want really badly. At this point, I'm working my way back up to running a 5k. Then I'll start on sprint triathlons (the shortest distance) and increase the distance and training until I'm ready for an Ironman. For now, I'm back on the C25K program and will be building from there.
  4. Stop biting my nails. - Yeah, I still do it. I've tried to quit, other people have tried to get me to quit. Still working on it, but maybe once I get into an exercise routine again and can better deal with stress, I won't be as tempted to bite them.
  5. Learn a new language. - Here's another I've started and failed a bunch of times. I have resources available for learning American Sign Language, Russian, German, and Irish Gaelic - now I need to pick one and follow through with it. 
  6. Learn to play an instrument. - Same here. I can play guitar a little and pick out notes on a keyboard, but I really need to learn how to play both correctly and take the time to practice so I don't sound horrible. 
  7. Finish my college degree. - I'm looking at going back to do this in the fall, if I can get a Pell grant. It irritates the heck out of me that I spent so much time in school and don't have anything to show for it, other than student loan debt. Plus, I really enjoyed college. Internet classes will be easier for me with the baby, but I would love to take real classroom classes if I could.
  8. Write a book and have it published. - I have a few ideas floating around, and one partial manuscript, but I spend so much time writing for pay with my freelance jobs that I haven't done much work on this. I'm probably just being too picky, because I feel like I have to be in the mood to write for it to be any good.
  9. Make more friends. - I'm sort of shy, and I spent a lot of time over the past several years pretty isolated because of depression, working night shift, and having a house too cluttered for company. I'm trying to get out of the house more often and be friendly to people I meet, and getting the house straight means I can invite people over without being embarrassed about it. 
  10. Be on Jeopardy! - This sounds sort of lame, but I've wanted to do it since I was a kid. I tried of for the teen version of the show when I was younger and passed the tests, but was never called (only something like 10% of people get called to be on the show). I'm registered to take the online test for this year in a few days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

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  1. Love your list! Several of the things on there I might swipe to make a longer list for myself.

    I found the prompt to be hard to start with, but once I got closer to 10 the items started really flowing. I had to make a cut-off at 10. :) Have a great day.


  2. Very nice list. I find that it's easier to accomplish goals when you write them down. So, I hope that you reach them.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that you were chosen for the ABC Blog Award via RaeBeth's Corner for the week of Jan. 1 to Jan. 7th. Congrats.


  3. Hi Raine, I'm sending out invites now to my blog now that it's gone private, but I don't have an email for you, which I need for sending the invite. Can you send it to me at musings.musings.musings@gmail.com?

  4. Jeopardy! If only I had enough knowledge! That's an awesome to-do!

    Stopping by from Bloggy Moms Blog Dare 2012


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