Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something Lost

My husband and I get funny looks sometimes when we go out, or when we tell people we're married. This is because I only wear my wedding and engagement rings about half the time, and he never wears his. Mine are a little tight, and they are gold which is not really my style. His was lost several years ago.

We're talked about replacing them, but now that we know eachother better, we won't be going with the gold traditional style. He's letting me pick out designs, but they need to be affordable. Since the beginning, my tastes have been either engraved runic or celtic knotwork rings or something a little more industrial looking.

I'm loving some of the tungsten and titanium rings available now, and was looking at some of the options with carbon fiber inlays, but now I'm all about the ones that incorporate steel cables into the rings. It's definitely not a traditional band, but I love the look and I think the symbolism is perfect for a set of wedding rings. The rings in this post are two of my favorites right now, and we may end up ordering them if we get money back on taxes.

If so, the lost ring will be sort of a blessing. It's made a way for us to get a new set, one that is much more reflective of the both of us.

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  1. Those are lovely rings. :-)
    I am following from the Blog Dare. Come visit my page when you have the chance.


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