Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much Television

I feel like the television has stolen my marriage, and I really wish I could just throw it out the window!

Maybe that's a little strong, but it's how I really feel. I guess this is what happens when a non-TV person (but admitted internet junkie) marries a TV addict.

I watched TV growing up, but not too much. In college, my roommate and I decided against having a TV, packed it back home during the first long weekend, and filled the space with a fishtank and a series of plants that kept dying. So, I should have known better when I started dating a man who had the TV on 24/7 at home and who has literally thousands of VHS tapes with recorded television shows.

I made it somewhat tolerable a few years ago, by convincing him to cancel or satellite package and rely on Netflix streaming instead. He spent a few months holed u in the bedroom watching reruns of 90s sitcoms on the VCR, but eventually recovered and joining me in the living room again (I wish I was only joking here). At least that cut out the commercials and gave us the option of choosing what to watch, when we wanted to watch it.

Then, we had a kid. Of course, I was gonna be the mom who had not TV on around my child until he was at least 2, and then limited it to an hour or less a day. During the day, I do keep it off but, the second my husband walks through the door, he turns it on and it stays on until we go to bed. It always was movies but, being that his tastes run toward movies with lots of violence and sexual undertones, he's finally agreeing that "Bob The Builder" is probably better to watch than "Hostel" while the toddler is playing in front of the TV.

Still, it annoys the crap out of me because it constantly distract me and makes it hard to write (my only income right now is from blogging and freelance writing), and I know it's gotta be distracting the rugrat as well. It's also annoying because it gives him a reason to park his butt on the couch the whole evening while projects and household repairs go undone. The only thing that keeps me from pushing hard to get rid of it is the fear that he'd want to cancel the internet too, and nobody's gonna pry me away from my laptop.

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