Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting My Life Back

I've been super busy lately and sort of neglecting my friends and readers out there in blog land. Part of this has been the usual - keeping up with an almost 2 year old, doing some freelance writing to pay the bills, and trying to hold back the avalanche of housework. I've also been trying to spend less time online in general and more time outside and actively playing and doing things with my son.

In general, I'm trying to get out of the house and do everything I can within my own power to beat back depression and get that semi-normal life I've always wanted. I haven't really been actively depressed, but I still have the blahs and low energy and it's aggravating me (part of this may be thyroid related - the 2 are sort of a vicious cycle). Really, I'm almost 30 years old and I want to enjoy life more and feel like I'm doing and accomplishing things instead of just existing day to day. I'm sure my family will benefit too, because I have a lot more energy and a way better attitude when I'm getting out and doing stuff.

The biggest change is that I'm going back to school. I've been wanting to finish college for a long time now, and it looks like I'll finally be able to. It looks like I'll be eligible for some financial aid and I also found out I can probably get help with part of the cost of daycare while I'm in class. I hate to use it at all, but my husband is working late a lot of days and there's no other way to make it work. I'm afraid if I keep waiting I'll end up not going, and I really need the degree now so I can start making money.

Since I'm already doing some web design and graphics work on the side, in addition to writing, I've decided to double major in Web Technologies and Advertising/Graphic Design. The Web Tech program is a sure thing, but Ad & Graphic Design has limited enrollment so there's a chance I may not get into it. Taking these classes should help me out a lot and enable me to work from home doing custom webpages, rather than relying heavily on templates and stock images as I have done in the past. It will also make it easier for me to move on to a more advanced degree if I decide to later.

The college I will be attending is just a few blocks from the real estate office I worked at before Robbie was born, so I'm thinking about going back into that part-time if the market picks up like I believe it will this year and if I have the time to. I will probably do school only the first semester to see how much time I need to study and work on projects outside class and how it effects my family. If I do end up with several hours of spare time per day, since I will probably already be paying for full-time daycare enrollment, then I am considering talking to my former Broker-In-Charge about going back to work as a real estate agent as well.

This all clashes with my original plans of being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling, but I think it will be better for our family as a whole and will make us all more happy. We need the additional income and it makes more sense to me to go back to school and work where I can earn more with less time, instead of being home but constantly online doing freelance work for what often amounts to $2-3 an hour.


  1. Hello Raine,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the helpful comment on growing longer hair. I've enjoyed reading several of your post and I'm now following. Keep up the good work ...

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope my advice was helpful - I know how difficult it an sometimes be to grow your hair out and keep it healthy.


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