Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinterest ideas I have yet to try...

Umm, most of them.

Seriously, I love Pinterest but this prompt coincided nicely with the "I'm not just a Pinner, I'm a doer" meme that keeps finding its way to my facebook. Since I spend too much time pinning to actually do most of the things I pin, I made my own version for us lazy, broke, and/or non-crafty Pinners. :)

To answer the question - I have a ton of sewing tutorials, craft projects, and make-your-own beauty and cleaning recipes that I want to try and haven't. I also have about a bazillion recipes that I've yet to try, but since I have made a bunch of recipes from there already it's not a total fail.

If you wanna see all the stuff I'm pinning and not doing, you can add me on Pinterest here.

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