Monday, April 9, 2012

*Shopping Online with

Since I'm online so much anyway, I tend to do a lot of shopping and even "window shopping" online. It makes it easy to look for what I want and compare options and prices without having to drag my toddler out and drive from store to store.

I just found a new comparison shopping website called that makes it even easier by combining shopping at product research. For instance, searching for booster seats or cribs brings up both product listings and a "research" tab that listed product information and recent recalls.

You can search by price, brand. and/or store, which makes it really convenient, and specific products can be narrowed down into categories which fit them more.. Shopping for Hampton Hill Bedding, for instance, brings up a list of bedding options with the price and store and can be further sorted by size, material, and brand.

The search results also include photos, so it is easy to compare items at a glance. This means, as I was searching for a sink to complement by brass hand pump style faucet, all I had to do was search for "sink hammered brass" to browse through the offerings from several stores and pick out one to compliment it.

Another nice feature is the red dot that shows up on the picture to highlight sale items, and the original price listed beside the sale price. In a search for Home Depot storage buildings this helped me find one for sale for over $700 off the original price, which made it even cheaper than the local shed places.

If you do much shopping online, then you may want to add to your bookmarks to helpe compare items and find them more easily.

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