Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I Didn't Weed the Garden

Today started out with good intentions. I had a lot to do, was more motivated than usual (OK, that's not much, but it's a start), and was gonna get some stuff done around the house. Most of this is because my husband has been working a second job and I feel kind of guilty slacking here while he's working 16 hours some days, but it's a start.

My first bright idea was to go ahead and shampoo the carpet while the rugrat was still in bed. I picked up, vacuumed, and wet down a few areas with boiling water and carpet shampoo as a spot treatment, then went to get the shampooer and realized I was missing a piece I needed. After spending 40+ minutes looking for it, I threw in the towel and decided to weed the garden instead.

That's our mower under the tarp on the left. It's broken, obviously.
I went outside with my son and watered the plants we have starting on our back porch first. Luckily, I saw a squirrel in the yard and decided to show it to my son and stand there for a while and let him watch it

That was all good, until it got close to the garden and I saw this huge snake. I thought about running down there and attacking it with the garden hoe, but I didn't want to be handling snakes and swinging sharp metal objects with a 2 year old instead, so we watched it cruise around the gardens and went back inside instead.

Seriously, the thing was at least 3 feet long!
Since my carpet shampooer had already crapped out on me earlier in the morning, I took it as some sort of sign that I should just throw in the towel on actual work for the day.

We packed up our stuff and went to the park, because there was no way I was going back in that yard with the anaconda wanna-be lurking around in the grass.

I did go down there later to water the garden and didn't get eaten by the snake, but I am officially freaked out for the rest of the summer.
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