Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not Again

Well, I'm back. Life finally slowed down a bit and I'm not very mobile right now so sitting here and blogging makes sense.

My son slammed open the gate on our porch last week and caught my big toe, breaking it and ripping the nail off. I am still in pain and not able to walk right, plus sore because the band-aid is stuck to it and I can't get it off after after soaking it for 2 hours in water and epsom salt (gonna call the doc back on Monday, but nobody's yanking that thing lose without numbing it or something first - I can't even stand to touch the edge of what's left of the band-aid now, after I tripped most of the unstuck part away).

Other than that, I'm still busy, but less with obligations and more with things I want to do. I'm hitting the SEO and content writing pretty hard right now, mainly because we're very short on cash and have a bunch of medical bills now on top of this (for October = 2 normal doctor visits for me, bunch of blood work, ER visit for the son when he fell and split his forehead open, and now another doctor visit plus the podiatrist visit he referred me to and at least one follow-up in 2 weeks). Can't win for losing, but I guess that's life.

Seriously though, if I get all tacky and stick a "donate" button in my sidebar, this is why. Yes, this also means more sponsored posts and such for a while, but I'll keep marking them with an asterisk (*) in front of the title so you can skip them if you'd like, and I'll try to write plenty of regular posts to balance them out.

I do have a few things in the works on the creative front as well, but more about them later.

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