Monday, November 12, 2012

On My Way to Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

Looking outside my window right now, there are 2 feral cats asleep on the rails around my back porch. We also have one inside kitty - she's hanging out on top of out entertainment center, her normal place to hide from the dogs. I'm not a cat person and have never been and neither is my husband, so how did this happen?

It started several years ago. One of our neighbors got several cats and, for some reason, decided to just let them roam the neighborhood. I don't know if this is because of the neighborhood-wide mouse infestation that happened a few years ago or if he originally meant to keep them inside, but he ended up not feeding or caring for them at all and they were mostly living in the woods on the edge of the neighborhood.

We'd see two of them in the yard on occasion and they'd usually run when we got near, although my husband did mistakenly bring the gray cat in once, mistakenly thinking it was out cat and she'd gotten out. For the past couple weeks, a large black cat has been hanging out on the porch, possibly because there are a few warm nooks to sleep in and stray pieces of dog food to eat. I noticed it and started leaving out a bowl of cat food and a bowl of water, and now it's living here for real. I've noticed the gray cat out there a few times as well, so I guess it's moved in too.

From the sound of it, they've been getting under the house at night to stay warm. We can't let them do that because they'll tear up the insulation and the ductwork, so I'm going to try to rig up some of the stuff we already have into DIY feral cat houses. I've seen a few cool plans for making them out of an old cooler, or putting a cheap foam cooloer or foam insulation inside a Rubbermaind tote, but I don't know if Billy is willing to give up either of those to turn into a cat house. In the meantime, I've got the old dog house that our Rottie lived in until she died amnd I'm going to see if I can find some free straw to insulate it with. It's big enough to hold at least a couple cats.
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