About Me

I'm a 20-something (oops, just turned 30) woman, mother, wife. Right now, my main focus in life is raising my son, improving my physical and mental health, and figuring out a way to earn a decent income without sacrificing family time.

Despite being one of those heartless libertarians, I am interested and involved in birth activism, attachment parenting, size/fat acceptance, feminism, and children's rights.

I am a Christian. I am far from perfect- I cuss a lot, I screw up, I still sin, but I try to do better, ask for forgiveness, and know that I am saved. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, that He was born of a virgin, died on the cross to atone for my sins, and that he rose again in body and spirit. I believe that the Bible is true and without error. There are times in my life when I did not believe this, and I have explored several other religions, but this is where I stand now and what I believe with all my heart to be true. That said, this is not a "religious" blog, so I'll confine the "preaching" to this little blurb. ;)

I am a feminist. I prefer to be a stay at home mom and my husband and I choose to follow somewhat traditional gender roles in our marriage, but I do not believe everyone else should be forced to make those same choices. I think we discredit both men and women when society tries to shame people into certain roles based on gender, age, or appearance, and especially when we push for laws to enforce those social ideals.

I believe in size acceptance, whether fat or skinny, and in health at every size. People should not be judged on their appearance, or on what we may assume their lifestyle or fitness level to be, and people of any shape or size should feel free to participate in all activities, without needing a certain motivator.

I am a beginning athlete. I am starting a new walking/running routine, and planning to start competing in 5k races again, then to add in cycling a swimming and train for triathlon. I am also learning to roller skate and getting into shape for roller derby tryouts. It's not about primarily about losing weight for me, but about getting back in touch with my body and proving to myself that it is capable and not broken.

I love vintage style, especially that from the 40s through the mid-60s. I don't always dress in those styles, because the clothes are hard to find in my size and can be expensive, but I love the overall look (my Pintrest reflects this, lol). I love the silhouette that comes with a full skirt and somewhat fitted waist, and I think the hairstyles and makeup from that era looks so classy and fun. I also like a lot of vintage & retro home items because there are so many unique styles.

I have a lot of mental issues that I'm working on. I think my primary problems are depression and anxiety which related back to some things that happened in my past. They seem to manifest in different ways, but the biggies have been an eating disorder from my early teens through my mid-late 20s, post-partum depression and anxiety after the birth of my son, fibromyalgia (I know this is not just mental, but my symptoms seem to correlate very closely to depression and the level of stress in my life at the time), & a hoarding problem that I am still working to overcome.

I blog to keep a record of my own life and thoughts, to help stay sane, & to interact with other adults when life seems to just center on never-ending housework and caring for others at the expense of my own needs.
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